Grant County Amateur Radio Club and Grant County ARES

This web site is dedicated to supporting the goals of GC ARC, mainly to promote the greater good of society through the practice of amateur radio in Grant County and in the surrounding areas of the State of Oregon, to encourage each other and to have fun in the process. This web site also supports Grant Count ARES (click on the Emergency Services menu item for more information).

As a club we meet informally for coffee, once a month. All are welcome. Questions can be directed to Steve Fletcher (K7AA) by phone (541-699-1909) or email through the contact form above. If you are a visiting ham or are a new resident to Grant County drop your call sign on 146.640 and someone will respond. You can also write us using snail mail at PO Box 161, John Day, Oregon, 97845.

We are a friendly, informal bunch. Contact us and know that you are welcome here.


Grant County ARES was a significant part of the May 11, 2019 Fire Evacuation Exercise (an AAR was circulated previously). The photo in the Blue Mountain Eagle newspaper article shows a green tent provided by ARES and several GC ARES members (Rick, Ed, Seth, Carl as well as other non-licensed ARES helpers) near it. The article also mentioned ARES.

In the same newspaper ARES is mentioned in another article.

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